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It’s Mike Caudill

Mike is a nationally recognized tv and radio news personality, transportation expert, and entrepreneur. His travels take him across the country and around the globe. His latest adventure as a brand ambassador for Go RVing has allowed him to enjoy the outdoors and travel around the country with his family in their RV.


Bread & Butter

From general news to politics, Mike’s bread and butter spans the greater transportation industry.

The Everyday Guy

Mike loves to share the best products he has used & tested over the years. Please find all the products as seen on TV here.

Lights, camera, action!

Mike is also a host and featured talent provider for High Impact Television and their nationally recognized Satellite Media Tour programming.


Outside of television work, Mike travels the country as a corporate consultant, has several apparel lines and owns a PR/Marketing firm.

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TV SHOWS & more

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Mike's background includes nearly two decades of experience working for two different PR agencies before he founded his own firm. He's been actively leading the team there for the past 12 years, explaining his keen ability to train an executive team.

But he credits his father with teaching him how to read a room and connect with people. One of his favorite activities is training teams and individuals in those skills. Never underestimate the value of media training- you never know when you may find yourself thankful you completed it or wishing you had