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Get ready for an informative and entertaining ride as Mike Caudill takes you through the latest models and industry trends in the automotive, RV, marine, and motorcycle industries. From in-depth product reviews and comparisons to step-by-step maintenance tutorials, our videos have everything you need to make informed decisions about your next vehicle purchase. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started, our channel is the perfect resource for anyone looking to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of transportation.

2024 F150 Walkaround #fordf150
2024 Ford F150 - Juicy Details

2024 Ford F150 - Juicy Details

Alright, check this out!!!! The 2024 Ford F150 has arrived and it’s got a new face on it. Ford has re-designed the front grill with new LED lights, new grill, design, and in the case of the Ford raptor a new bumper. Ford didn’t comment on the new logo but you can tell this is a throwback logo that is not only richer in blue color, but also embossed. the overall design stays relatively the same with minor changes, but there are also some new advancements under the skin. There will be six engine options starting with a 2.7 L V6, 3 3.5 L twin turbos, a 5 L V8, and a 5.2 L supercharged V-8.  There are a handful of new tech features as well including blue Cruz 2.0, and a new security feature based on the Ford pass app that will alert law-enforcement if your car is tampered with as long as you acknowledge, there is an issue. The biggest news for this truck is the new tailgate and what makes it better than the competition is that it reduces your entry distance of 24 inches giving you easy access inside the truck bed the raptor will receive a new bumper and most importantly a redesign suspension system for better trophy truck style racing. 0:00 Start 0:17 Location 0:34 2024 F-150 FX 0:56 Design 1:09 Monochromatic Look 1:19 Blacked Out Package 1:26 Tech Features 1:46 Ford Mobile App Safe & Secure 2:06 Blue Cruise Safety Features 2:19 Towing 2:32 Engine Options 2:57 New Tailgate Function 3:31 2024 Ford Raptor Design 4:08 Raptor R Design 4:30 Suspension 4:41 Priorities
New Project Vehicle!!! 55’ Ford
Ford Raptor Aftermarket Add-Ons!

Ford Raptor Aftermarket Add-Ons!

This is our 2017 Ford F150 Raptor and together my son and I did a handful of modifications to make it fit what we like to do…camping and mountain biking. We added wheels, tires, a spring lift leveling kit and then a handful of adventure products from Frontrunner! Here’s the entire list!!!! Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack Kit/Low Profile Compatible with Ford F150 Raptor (2009-Current) RetraxPRO Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover NEXEN 16262NXK Roadian MTx All Terrain Radial Tire Eibach Pro-Lift-Kit Springs Front E30-35-038-01-20 Adjustable Rack Cargo Chocks Ford F-150 ReTrax XR 5.5' (2009-Current) Triple Load Bar Kit- Front Runner Pro Water Tank with Strap/42L - Front Runner Ford F-150 Super Crew (2018-2020) Slimsport Roof Rack Kit - Front Runner Want to see everything Front Runner has to offer? Check out their Amazon storefront here: 0:00 Start 0:45 Raptor History 1:20 Raptor Look 1:38 Check This Out! 1:46 Fix That Front Lean 1:56 Eibach Leveling Kit 2:09 Great Leveling Kit Brands 2:24 Wheels 2:36 Nexen Roadian MTx Tires 3:16 Front Runner Tent and Storage 4:00 Front Runner Water Container Functionality 4:16 Front Runner Low Profile Racks 4:22 ReTrax System 5:00 ReTrax Compatibility 5:29 Spray-in Bedliner 5:46 Front Runner Tent Set-up 6:42 Bike Rack 7:01 Conclusion
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