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Israel/Trade Delegation

Updated: Feb 29

Life has bucket lists and this was one of them. I look very much forward to my next trip to Israel and hope that it will be with a bit more vacation time. Most importantly I would love to bring my family. Let’s start with the how and why did I go. With DRIVEN 360, we work with many different clients across the country with very different backgrounds. But as a consultancy, we have very specific services that often fill voids that companies can’t fill with employees and we always bring objectivity with from the outside with no pre-conceived notions for how to run the business. Essentially, we come in with fresh eyes to help them move their business forward. Yes, there will be a DRIVEN post, but honestly, LOL, I might just push you to our website:

One of our client’s has the foremost leading Smart City in the country. It’s called the Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners and it’s operated by the City of Peachtree Corners. The management team and City Council are made up of visionaries that understand the future is changing and they are working to bring those changing technologies to the City. The City, through the Curiosity Lab, which is a living laboratory for companies to test, try and implement their products or services, is continually looking to grow this sector/category of their City. The way they do this is through Economic Development, hence the reason for traveling to Israel. Israel is a huge partner to the U.S. especially on the side of technology and they host a pretty big event called EcoMotion, where companies showoff their technologies to potential partners/customers.

Enter the term Trade Delegation. I was invited to be a part of the cities delegation that traveled over to Israel. Why me? Well, I’m the most senior consultant for DRIVEN360, have been working with the Curiosity Lab since it was launched and work very closely with senior leadership on how to best promote the city.

This trip has so much anticipation behind it. The lead-up if you will, planning, preparation, and we were on the very tail end of Covid.

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